One Park

One Park Sarasota is an 18-story, 123-residence tower wrapped in glass that pays tribute to the local architecture and promises exquisite attention to detail and a serene, holistic residential experience.


One Park

One Park Sarasota is an 18-story, 123-residence tower wrapped in glass that pays tribute to the local architecture and promises exquisite attention to detail and a serene, holistic residential experience. Designed by Sarasota-based firm Hoyt Architects and developed by Property Markets Group (PMG), One Park will be a first-in-class luxury development in downtown Sarasota. To date, 75 people who love the Sarasota community have already purchased and are excited for the project to break ground.

“The concept was to create an iconic tower, creating a gateway building that would connect the front yard of “The Bay” with the activity energy center of Quay Commons and the Waterfront District.” – Gary Hoyt AIA, Hoyt Architects.

Though referenced as the soon-to-be largest building downtown, One Park Sarasota will not overshadow its neighbors in The Quay Sarasota in height nor size once completed. The unique angle of the property with its glass-lined facade will be a stunning addition to the area, seamlessly blending with its surroundings both natural and built.

By Comparison:

  • One Park is 2 feet, 7 inches shorter than the new Ritz-Carlton Residences being proposed on Blocks 7 and 8 in the Quay.
  • The VUE and The Westin Sarasota is significantly larger than any other completed or proposed property in the Quay, measuring at 859,000 gross square feet with a linear frontage (along Tamiami Trail and Gulfstream Blvd.) of 719 feet. This is almost double the linear frontage of Bayso and One Park.
  • One Park’s linear frontage is smaller than Bayso, measuring approximately 360 linear feet whereas Bayso is approximately 365 linear feet. Lennar’s linear frontage (North and South along Quay Commons) is much larger than One Park, measuring 435 feet in length.


Decisions regarding the size of the property were made meticulously and intentionally in order to increase the overall benefit to those who will call the city of Sarasota home, beyond the residents of One Park Sarasota itself. The developer had the opportunity to build 150 units on the site where One Park will be built. After internal discussions, thoughtful decisions about the size of One Park were made with future residents of One Park, neighbors in the Quay and the community in mind. The developer reduced the size of the building by 18% to total 123 units. Reducing the saleable square footage and number of units allowed the architect to substantially increase the distance from the building to the property line in order to maximize light and air for residents and neighboring buildings.


Outdoors on the ground level, One Park Sarasota will deliver a 76-foot wide, 22-foot high, beautifully designed, well-lit and safe breezeway above Quay Commons with access to The Quay and The Bay Park from the Boulevard of the Arts. This dynamic pedestrian walkway will not only bring safe, widened sidewalks and lush greenery to an otherwise vacant space, but will also activate the space for Sarasota locals and residents. While the City of Sarasota code does not require the project to have any retail space, the developers of One Park are planning more than 13,000 square feet of retail, dining, and outdoor cafe seating. Whether someone is looking to grab coffee or find respite during a particularly rainy or hot summer day, this activated space will benefit all who visit The Quay by offering a seamless way to commute to and from its array of shopping and dining venues.


During the planning phase of the project, the developer had the opportunity to maximize two buildable lots on the future site of One Park Sarasota. Rather than constructing two larger towers and forgoing any retail component in the development, the developer has chosen to create one seamless property that will activate the pedestrian experience with shops, restaurants, and cafes for the community to enjoy, serving as a warm welcome for all to The Quay. The development team is making a commitment to Sarasota. A commitment to provide not only the most architecturally significant building in downtown Sarasota, high-quality construction, mindfully designed interiors, sweeping vistas and best-in-class amenities for residents, but a commitment to the community to provide exciting retail offerings including shopping, restaurants, a café and expansive sidewalks, all as part of a well-lit and safe atmosphere for the community to enjoy

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