More About Me

Global Affiliation ~ Local Reach

Welcome to the World of luxury living curated by the Kara Wootson group at Coldwell Banker.  

An Elite group of Professionals chaired led by Kara herself, who specializes in High-End Real Estate.

With a wealth of knowledge and unwavering dedication, Kara transforms property transactions into bespoke experiences, ensuring each client's dreams find a place. Elevate your lifestyle and command your expectations with them, where excellence meets exclusivity.

Focusing on Florida's Gulf Coast, Kara and her team service both NW and SW Florida with Coaching, Sales and Rentals. Matching out-of-state Buyers, who are escaping harsh weather & high taxes with their dream homes and experiences.  Additionally,  delivering on the promise of ethical marketing & support to all Property Owners in the Selling process.  Honesty and integrity is paramount and 10+ years of repeat customers and their referrals has proven true.

When not consulting on Real Estate projects or transactions, Kara is an avid volunteer within the community. She sits on several committees and Boards of a diverse vantage point.  From the local Library to the Chamber of Commerce, to the Humane society, she revels at every change to support a local business or community event.

She's loves reading, Cinema and the Beach!

Prior to the Real Estate Industry, Kara owned and operated a Culinary Business, in which personal Chef, Catering and Cooking class services were offered. She still loves cooking and has consulted on many kitchen remodels prior to and within her Realtor career.

Her love of people & service trickles down to her team members too and the standard practice of Respect and Emotional intelligence is non-negotiable.  

Join the Wootson Group on this Journey as they confirm that Real Estate is Right-Now, and the promise of dedication and continuity in each step of the process will be yours.